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Larry C. Schoff, CPA – Founder

Larry Schoff graduated from York High School in the spring of 1970. His natural aptitude for math and science and a keen interest in business made it easy to decide his major when he arrived at Thomas College in Waterville. He enjoyed his college experience, meeting all kinds of interesting new people; not to mention his future bride. Larry is a pretty sociable fellow and he thrived in the college setting, but he never lost his focus. Larry knew exactly what he wanted to do with his education. Business is about making things happen, and in 1974 he graduated with an ME BS degree in accounting. He married his sweetheart Janet shortly after graduation and went immediately into public accounting.

Larry began his family.
His eldest daughter, Amanda, was born in 1978; her baby sister, Alissa, arrived 3 years later. His first son, Adam, was born in 1984. Larry was enjoying his career in accounting, but if you ask him about his most exciting accounting story, he won’t miss a beat...

In 1985, he went into private practice.
Larry has always loved accounting, but he doesn’t really fit the stereotype for an accountant. Larry loves meeting people; it’s his favorite part of the job. He also thrives on the dynamic environment that his profession offers. Keeping track of hundreds of tax law changes would make most people cringe—not Larry.

“Politicians change tax laws more often than they change their socks. My job is to keep track of those changes and see to it that my clients get that information in time to use it. It’s a real challenge, and I love a challenge.”

In 1985, however, his life took on a whole new dynamic. Larry had worked with small business owners before—they had always been his favorite clients—but now, for the first time, he was one. He developed a whole new appreciation for the challenges faced by small business owners. It became even more satisfying to see his clients grow and to help them solve their problems. Larry had always built close personal relationships with his clients, but his new position as a small businessman made it much easier to relate to their issues. He found himself more proud of his work than ever.

“Very few things in life give a man as much joy as seeing his clients and friends succeed... helping them succeed. When I went out on my own, I saw that I really did have the confidence and ability to do the things I really wanted to do, and to do them the way I wanted to!”

Those very few things do happen once in a while, though—his youngest son, Kevin, was born in 1987.

Larry has come a long way since the halcyon days of Thomas College. He has never lost his passion for baseball, and he’s a die-hard Yankees fan. If you ask him what his favorite local places are, he’ll start talking more about people than places. Don’t push him on the issue. If you do, he’ll just start listing golf courses. Larry is now a respected business owner in his own right and loves the community in which he lives and serves. His professional affiliations include memberships in the Maine Society of CPAs, the Maine Association of Public Accountants, and the National Society of Public Accountants.

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